The Certified Rebuild Process

All components of an Al-Jon Compactor are reinstalled with new, rebuilt or inspected parts that meet or exceed Original
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. All remanufactured Al-Jon compactors are backed with a limited total
coverage and powertrain warranty. Consult Tri-County Equipment for more information.

Step 1: Initial inspection – Al-Jon compactor

The compactor is washed and steam cleaned.
Full inspection of the compactor is completed.
All functions are tested completely before the remanufacturing process begins.

Step 2: Disassembly of compactor

The compactor is completely dismantled to the bare frame chassis.
• Remove the engine, pump drive gear box, hydraulic pumps and motors, final drives, cooling package, cab,
hydraulic cylinders, valves, hydraulic hoses and electrical wiring harnesses. All hydraulic hoses and main
wiring harnesses are discarded.

Step 3: Chassis, major weldments and guards

The bare chassis is steam cleaned. Sheet metal and frame is inspected for structural integrity then replaced or
repaired to original OEM specifications including any updates.
• The chassis and sheet metal is sand blasted, primed then two coats of paint applied.
The rear axle and center pin are disassembled and replaced with new. Wear parts are replaced and shimmed to
original OEM specifications.
The steering pins and bushings are replaced.
The blade is refurbished and new blade pins are installed.
The cutting edge is replaced or flipped.
All handles/handrails/latches/hinges/springs are replaced or repaired as needed.

Step 4: Powertrain

The Caterpillar engine is replaced with a certified remanufactured engine.
The pump drive gear box, hydraulic pumps and motors and the final drives are rebuilt to original OEM specifications
using only OEM parts by certified technicians.
All new filters (hydraulic and engine) and fluids are installed.

Step 5: Hydraulic hoses and electrical

All hydraulic hoses are replaced with new hoses.
All main electrical harnesses are replaced with new wiring. All other electrical components are inspected and
replaced as required.
Hydraulic coolers are replaced with new.
All hydraulic cylinders are disassembled, inspected and resealed.
All valves are inspected and resealed.
All gauges, electrical components, switches, lights, wipers, etc. are inspected. Repaired or replaced as necessary.

Step 6: Cab and air conditioner

The cab is reconditioned to new or like new condition.
• The cab is sandblasted, primed and repainted inside and outside.
• The operator seat is replaced or reconditioned as new.
• A new floor mat is installed.
• All windows are removed and replaced.
The heater and air conditioner is replaced with new.

Step 7: Final assembly, inspection and testing

The compactor is reassembled in the same assembly process as a new unit.
Final painting is completed and all new decals are installed.
The compactor is thoroughly inspected and test run at operating temperatures and 100% load conditions.
The compactor is calibrated, leak checked and all pressures are set to original OEM specifications.
The compactor is ready for shipment.